How to Setup WordPress Discussion Settings for a Business Website

Initial WordPress Setup – Discussion Settings for a Business or Corporate Website
The Corporate Marketing Team developers use the following Discussion Settings to maximize our clients time.  As a rule business and corporate website do not want to allow discussion on their posts and pages, because the time spent culling through the spam and junk comments could literally take hours each and every day.

We have had customers that allowed anyone to comment on their posts receive hundreds of thousand of spam comments a day.  Most spam comments contain links to pull your visitors away from and off of your website and …Read More

How to Setup the WordPress Reading and Writing Settings for a Business Website

Initial WordPress Setup – Writing and Reading Settings for Business or Corporate Website
The Corporate Marketing Team developers use the following settings to maximize our clients productivity and time management:
Writing Settings:

Size of the post box – we recommend 55 lines or more. The default setting of 20 lines is just too small and we would like to be able to see the whole text and content of any given page or post that we are adding. 55 lines will allow us to see the whole page.
Formatting – we check both boxes.
Default link category – we always delete the default WordPress links …Read More

St Petersburg Web Developers

Corporate Marketing Team is your local Tampa and St Petersburg web developer, we specialize in Search Engine Friendly Website Development and Design – We have web developers with experience building websites using ASP, Cold Fusion, HTML, JSP, and PHP. We have also built websites using these Content Management Systems (CMS): WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. We build sites that range from simple to complex all of which are clean, effective and search engine friendly.

We charge a flat rate fee for our web design and development services and depending on the complexity of the project we will deliver our work in thirty …Read More

Website Content Development Surges as Businesses Seek Organic Web Traffic Solution

There’s no question about it; website content development will lead to online success. With the recent surge in search engine marketing, businesses around the world are catching on to the importance of quality relevant written marketing content. Getting web traffic from search engine rankings is now a $100 billion dollar industry!

Most businesses are still spending marketing dollars on paid search, also known as pay-per-click or PPC. In fact, the Pay-Per-Click industry is projected to reach $20 billion! While businesses continue to spend their marketing budgets on a per-click basis, others have become savvy to the long-term value of written marketing …Read More

Businesses Lose Web Traffic When Website Content is Not Geo-Targeted for Local Searches

Online marketers continue to lose ground in local search results and lost Web traffic as the savvy consumer searches for products and services on a local level on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Consumers are looking to organic search engine placements and Google and Yahoo Local listings to find what they want, and marketers continue to play catch up as as more and more consumers are searching for products and services in a local marketplace. Online marketers continue to play catch up as a result of ignoring local search results in the organic search engine listings. Some of the highest valued …Read More

Online Conversion

Your pursuit for superior online conversion rates should shape the design of your company’s website. Attracting visitors is important, but that’s only the beginning of the story. Once you’ve successfully attracted people to your website, you’ll want them to convert them to customers. Your goal should be to maximize online conversion rates by turning visitors into paying customers.

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Your conversion rates will rely primarily on the content offered on your website. Effective online content spurs visitors to behave in a way that suits your interests. It does so by putting forth a compelling call to …Read More

Measure Your Website Conversion Rates

In order to know whether your online-marketing plan is working for you, you have to measure your website conversion rates on a regular basis. Your conversion rates will show you just what percentage of visitors to your website turn into paying customers. After all, you’re in business to make money. If people are coming to your website but not buying from you, your marketing plan isn’t doing its job.

As market conditions, trends and public preferences change all the time, your marketing plan needs to be continually adjusted. Naturally, you’ll need to measure your website conversion rates on an equally frequent …Read More

Conversion Rate

Improving your website’s conversion rate may seem like a huge challenge, but don’t fret–with the right approach, you will be able to achieve the desired results. The path to better conversion rates begins with your website’s content. Present visitors with content that is relevant and professionally created, and you will likely inspire the sort of user loyalty that is essential for great conversion rates.
Smart Written Content Goes Hand-in-Hand with Good Conversion Rates
With well-worded written content, you can truly inspire visitors to act in a way that suits the interests of your company. Opt for content that includes a call to …Read More

Website Optimization

Optimizing your website can rescue you from expensive pay-per-click campaigns. You’re no doubt painfully aware of the drawbacks that come with paid search campaigns, marketing costs on these campaigns can snowball, and bids will just grow steeper and steeper. Effective website optimization from Corporate Marketing Team will help you avoid the unneeded expenses of pay-per-click advertising by leveraging your websites content to improve your organic search engine ranking.

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If your website’s content is optimized correctly you should achieve front page organic search engine listings. Pay-per-click campaigns  weaken your cash flow with a decreasing return on …Read More