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Online marketers continue to lose ground in local search results and lost Web traffic as the savvy consumer searches for products and services on a local level on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Consumers are looking to organic search engine placements and Google and Yahoo Local listings to find what they want, and marketers continue to play catch up as as more and more consumers are searching for products and services in a local marketplace. Online marketers continue to play catch up as a result of ignoring local search results in the organic search engine listings. Some of the highest valued keywords are local geo-targeted keywords. With pay per click costs climbing, marketers need to look at geo-targeting and optimizing on a local level with good content to attract consumers.

Millions of searches are performed on a local geo-targeted level each day; consumers are looking for products and services locally, many businesses are missing out on the traffic streams in the natural organic search listings, due to the lack of high-quality optimized written marketing content that is geo-targeted to local marketplaces.

One our clients Airband Communications only conducts business in 17 marketplaces located across the United States they did not want to waste their resources fielding calls from potential customers in markets where they did not have service so our SEO strategy for them was not to optimize their website on a national or worldwide basis, but on a local level in the 17 marketplaces where they currently conduct business.  We began our project in January of 2009 with a new custom website created using WordPress and adding 100 pages of written marketing content geo-targeted to Dallas and Houston Texas (50 pages for each city).

We had planned on bolstering the marketing content with pay-per-click from Google Adwords the first few months.  However once their new website went live on April 1 of 2009, within one week of the website being live the 100 pages of marketing content based on 100 geo-targeted keywords for Houston and Dallas were all on the front page of Google in the organic search engine listings (and still are to this day almost 3 years later). We cancelled the pay-per-click campaign at the end of one month.

In the past 3 years we have added between 30 and 50 pages of geo-targeted marketing content to the website for most of the other 15 marketplaces where they conduct business. Most if not all of these pages rank on the front page of the organic search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo! and Bing and continue to do so years and months later. Almost 60% of the traffic to the website originates from organic search traffic.

We have had success with many other businesses looking to optimize their website for a local marketplace, we have optimized websites for Medical Doctors, Attorneys, local printers, sports camp directories, athletic recruiting websites, nightclubs, restaurants, construction companies, and scooter rentals businesses.

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Marketers need to get back to basics when it comes to Internet marketing otherwise they are in for a long painful journey of spending exorbitant amounts of money for no return or very little results. Marketing Directors need to realize the importance of localized organic search and make it a part of their Internet marketing Strategy.

The savvy consumers are looking for the credible source, an informative resource, or some authority on a product or service. They want to read useful information before making a purchasing decision. These searchers are drilling down in the organic search even if it takes them to page eleven of the search results to find the authority in their area.

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