Editorial Content

Editorial content is the main pages of of your website. The home, about us, products, services, contact us, and privacy policy pages of your website. These pages should summarize your business’s vision and or mantra and state in clear concise text what your products and/or services are.
Some companies sell products that are manufactured by another company and when they list that product on their website they use a product description supplied by the manufacturer. The problem with using a description supplied by the manufacturer is that you are using a description that is already on the Internet at the manufacturers …Read More

How Search Targeted Content Works:

Tired of endless PPC Payments? You’ve probably heard that content is one of the most important factors in achieving optimized search engine rankings. Here’s why:
Free Search Engine Traffic
The bottom line: fresh, relevant, quality content attracts free search engine traffic. Search engines strive to provide users with relevant content. The way visitors usually find your site is through a search engine. Search engine traffic that you garner via your own site content is free! Once you’ve achieved a higher ranking in organic search results, you are less subject to spiraling marketing costs and ever increasing bids on PPC campaigns! Trade-in the …Read More

Written Content Solutions

Written Marketing Content:
A website cannot survive without distinguished marketing content; it’s just that simple. All marketing content should aim to achieve two goals:

1. Improve your website’s organic listing.
2. Convert visitors to buyers.

Your marketing content has to be search engine optimized in order to improve the site’s organic listing. Your pages may use lovely language but if they aren’t calibrated to rank well in the search engines, no one will be reading them. At Corporate Marketing Team, Inc., we employ our vast knowledge of search engine semantics to ensure that your pages are in line with search engine requirements.

With the proper …Read More

Marketing Content

Corporate Marketing Team is one of the largest developers of written marketing content for the internet. Our written content has helped companies to obtain more website traffic for less money than traditional pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. We deliver increased traffic by creating fresh, unique, informative marketing content pages for your website specially crafted to appear in and improve your organic search engine rankings when people search for the key phrases you are either currently purchasing through PPC or would like to rank organically for.
85% of all internet searchers click on organic search engine results while only 15% click on PPC results. …Read More

Businesses Lose Web Traffic When Website Content is Not Geo-Targeted for Local Searches

Online marketers continue to lose ground in local search results and lost Web traffic as the savvy consumer searches for products and services on a local level on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Consumers are looking to organic search engine placements and Google and Yahoo Local listings to find what they want, and marketers continue to play catch up as as more and more consumers are searching for products and services in a local marketplace. Online marketers continue to play catch up as a result of ignoring local search results in the organic search engine listings. Some of the highest valued …Read More

White Label Content Solutions

Corporate Marketing Team Inc. has the team of writers and editors needed  to provide your business with it’s content solutions. Our network of writers will provide marketing content for landing or doorway pages for your client’s websites.  We also write editorial content which are the base pages of your client’s websites such as the home, about us, contact us, products, and services pages.

Our team of writers and editors can turn around just about any order in 30 days or less. Most orders take 15 days or less. We can write to your or  your customers specifications on any topic of …Read More

Website Content Solutions

Editorial Content:
Editorial content is the backbone of your website. While marketing copy will entice visitors to your site, you need quality structure to present a strong face to your customers. Editorial content includes your website’s Homepage and About Us page, as well as any Category, Offer, and Product pages that fit in with your business. These pages should encapsulate your business’s vision, and our professional team can ensure they are also optimized for the engines.
Marketing Content:
A website cannot survive without distinguished marketing content; it’s just that simple. All marketing content should aim to achieve two goals:

1. Improve your website’s organic …Read More

Blogging – Add a Blog to your website

Do you want to add a Blog to your website? We have the SEO Specialists and Web developers available to add a Blog to your website in as little 48 hours. You can use a Blog to add press releases, newsletters, and a news section to your website. It is a great way to add new content to your website. If you use WordPress or Joomla you will get an easy interface to use to add content to your website as your see fit. You do not need a web developer to post the information to your site it is …Read More

Content Examples:

Airband:  So far we have written and developed 100 pages of written marketing content about business broadband solutions geo-targeted to the Houston and Dallas marketplaces for their new website Airband.com which we designed and developed for them. Plus we manually submitted Airband.com to 300 of the top Internet Directories. Airband.com currently ranks on the front page of Google for 90 of the 100 keywords we have written for them.

Michael Richmond SanDiego-DUI-Lawyer.com: We wrote and developed 50 pages of written marketing content about DUI Lawyers and Attorneys geo-targeted to San Diego for his new website SanDiego-DUI-Lawyer.com.  Almost 90% of these pages have front page …Read More

SEO Copywriting

Corporate Marketing Team’s SEO copywriting staff will help you develop your business into an industry leading resource. We will help you build out your brand with a library of information about your products and/or services. Our copywriters will build brand awareness and boost your site to the top of the search engines and increase the traffic to your website. If you want expand your interactive real estate and become one of the dominant forces in your industry, you will need an SEO copywriting strategy that sets you apart from the competition.
SEO Copywriting – Expanding your interactive Real Estate
Our first priority at …Read More