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Initial WordPress Setup – Writing and Reading Settings for Business or Corporate Website

The Corporate Marketing Team developers use the following settings to maximize our clients productivity and time management:

Writing Settings:

  1. Size of the post box – we recommend 55 lines or more. The default setting of 20 lines is just too small and we would like to be able to see the whole text and content of any given page or post that we are adding. 55 lines will allow us to see the whole page.
  2. Formatting – we check both boxes.
  3. Default link category – we always delete the default WordPress links and Blogroll and create our own links and categories.  We will choose one of our own categories as the default category.
  4. Press This – we do not use the Press This function as it is best to create your own content and not copy content from other website. Content copied from other websites is considered mirror content (not original) and you could be penalized by the search engines for copying content from other websites. It is always best to create your own original content.
  5. Post via email – we do not use the Post via email functionality and none of our clients have requested to.
  6. Remote Publishing – we check both of these boxes. Every now and then one of our clients will want to have something posted on the fly while we are out of the office without a laptop computer handy and then we are able to use our smart phone to add a post.
  7. Update Services – We have always used the default “”


Reading Settings:

  1. Front Page Displays – These options depend on your WordPress Theme and what you want to show on the front or home page of your WordPress Website.  We have used both posts and static pages as our home pages and sometimes a combination of both.  You should confer with your WordPress theme developer to choose the best option for your website.
  2. Blog Pages – Show At Most – 10.  Unlike a personal blog businesses should minimize how far a visitor has to page down to get to the end of any page. We recommend only showing 10 blogs per page.
  3. Syndication feeds show the most recent – We recommend leaving this setting at 10 as well.
  4. For each article in a feed, show- Summary. We recommend choosing Summary because we want traffic to our website, if you choose summary the reader will have to visit your website to finish the article.
  5. Encoding for pages and feeds – We always leave this on the default UTF-8.

Getting the Basic Settings on your WordPress website correct from the start of your website build will save you and your development team time and headaches later on in the build process. The correct settings will also ensure that your website is easy to navigate and will also be search engine  friendly.

Corporate Marketing Team specializes in building custom WordPress websites for businesses.  We have built approximately 500 WordPress websites over the years and our team of professional WordPress developers have the time to build one for you and your company too. Contact us today at 888-811-4270 or complete our online Sales Inquiry Form.