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Initial WordPress Setup for Business or Corporate Website

How you setup the initial WordPress General settings on your new business or corporate website is just as important as the content included in the design and development of your website. The settings that the developers at Corporate Marketing Team use on a business or corporate website are probably different than the settings used by a blogger on their personal website or blog. We use the following settings to maximize our clients productivity and time management, both important when running a business.

Basic WordPress Settings

General Settings

  1. Site Title: is the business name, however if you are using a logo or image that includes your company name this can be left blank
  2. Tagline: if you have a motto or tagline you can include it here, but can also be left blank
  3. WordPress Address URL: We always include the “www” in the address, some site put the WordPress installation in a sub-directory if that is the case with your site then you would list your WordPress Address URL as if not then it would be
  4. Site Address URL: Again we always include the “www” so your address would be www.yoursite.,com
  5. Email Address: Is the email address of your site administrator, who would be copied on all changes to the users, form submissions, and the like, this person would be the main contact person for all issues related to the website.
  6. Membership: We never check this box, this box will determine who can and if they are able to register to comment on your posts. We do not recommend allowing comments on your posts. While interaction with your website visitors can be productive and bring in sales, most comments come from spammers looking to add their links to your site. (most of our customers do not have the time to read through and approve each and every comment on an individual basis) so we recommend not allowing users to register themselves.
  7. Time Zone: Just put in the time zone that your company headquarters is located in.
  8. Date Format: We usually leave this on the default with the month spelled out
  9. Time Format: We leave this on the default as well
  10. Week Starts On: Monday for our customers.

Getting the Basic Settings on your WordPress website correct from the start of your website build will save you and your development team time and headaches later on in the build process. The correct settings will also ensure that your website is easy to navigate and will also be search engine  friendly.

Corporate Marketing Team specializes in building custom WordPress websites for businesses.  We have built approximately 500 WordPress websites over the years and our team of professional WordPress developers have the time to build one for you and your company too. Contact us today at 888-811-4270 or complete our online Sales Inquiry Form.