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Search engine optimization strategy has changed dramatically over the years, but ranking high organically in the search engines still requires a well thought out optimization strategy The Corporate Marketing Team Marketing Content Pack delivers the ultimate rankings and traffic boost with original online marketing text combined with your choice of value added traffic-building services.

Add our WordPress site conversion product for maximum effectiveness. WordPress websites are SEO friendly and the search engines index their content quickly.

Add our Internet Directory Submission 500 product will create back links and boost your Page Rank. Establishing a strong search engine presence requires proper optimization strategy and time. Doing so will yield higher quality website traffic and improved online visibility.

Google indexes ranks pages according to several factors, but the top few include:

  • Longevity of the site
  • An optimized site
  • Constantly updated quality content on your site
  • The volume of inbound links, or referral “votes” to your site
  • Is your site programming up to date
  • Site navigation

The longevity of your site is important. Usually the longer your site is up the better you will be ranked. But age can be overcome with great marketing content and an optimized site. However, the last four are all things that a quality SEO and website content vendor can improve upon and increase your online visibility and website traffic.

Google ranks sites and pages according to several factors: for instance, Page Rank scores websites on the presence of incoming links. It’s not just how many websites link to you; it’s who is linking to you as well and whether you paid for links or not. It’s important to use quality free links, such as articles with or related to industry websites that you have a relationship with to improve your website’s reputation and standing. Rotating links from relevant websites will also provide Internet users more opportunities to naturally find your website.

The most proven search engine optimization strategy involves incorporating multiple pages of quality marketing content related to your business and its products or services. Instead of utilizing misleading techniques or expensive pay-per-click advertising, you can rank higher in search engines by providing visitors with what they want: information. The websites with the largest library of information about their products and services will always outrank sites with minimal information.

How Search Engine Optimization Strategy Has Changed

Search engine optimization strategy has changed dramatically over the years. At one time, all it took to rank high were pages full of relevant keywords repeated over and over again. Eventually, search engines became much more intuitive, now they can identify and will ignore websites that employ these deceptive tactics, often referred to as Black Hat, so they can provide surfers with more accurate and relevant search results. Nevertheless, ranking high in search engines still requires a sound optimization strategy and Corporate Marketing Team has the knowledge to put together a strategy for you. Call us today at 888-811-4270 ext. 101 or complete our Sales Inquiry form.