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Corporate Marketing Team is your expert solution for online video production and streaming. 

Streaming Video is a great way to optimize your website to its fullest potential. A video of your products or services will connect to  your visitors on a personal level and maximize your advertising dollars. Through video your visitors can experience your products & services.   

Let Corporate Marketing Team add a video to your website today!

Corporate Marketing Team is your one stop solution for video production & streaming from script to production to screen. With your input our writing staff will craft a script which effectively communicates your message. After agreeing on the actors that will be in your video, we will then shoot your video in our partner’s studios or on-location. From there our team of editors will edit your footage, adding any needed supporting graphics and text to create a professional and effective video production. Once finalized, the video is encoded and optimized for web use. Your finished production is then viewed on your site through our customizable player.  

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