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Website Success Needs Fresh Web Content, Good Linking Structure & Quality Back Links

I don’t know how much it’s been repeated throughout the Internet and by SEO professionals not to mention there are explicit guidelines that are posted on the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but the success of a website begins by applying the following three basic concepts:

Relevant Original Fresh Web Content

Relevant original fresh Web content is exactly what search engines seek. Search engines scour the Web looking for website content such as text, images, video, etc. and attempt to categorize this information in a manner that will bring up the most relevant listings of the searchers query. Each search engine has their own unique method of sorting their databases. Search engines look for fresh content constantly so it is important to have a source of steady content to keep fresh information on your site.

Linking Structure

Great relevant Web content is the beginning of success. Now we need to ensure that we clear the road for the search engines so that they have no problem scanning your pages and getting all the information with ease. This is done by designing a logical linking structure that will not pose any challenges to the search engine’s visit. Creating a sound linking structure will also make for a great user experience. Using WordPress as your content management system creates a search engine friendly linking structure for your website.

Back links

Now that we have great content and we’ve developed clear paths to all of our pages its time to make your presence known to the entire Web community. Having websites link back to you is an invitation for Web acceptance, not to mention a certification to the search engines that you are now important. This importance is key in most search engine algorithms. Keep in mind that while any back link you gather is an opportunity for a good steady stream of Web traffic gathering links that are relevant to your website will prove to be much more valuable to your business and to the search engine’s determination of your importance.

These three concepts can be examined even further on their own, but keeping these concepts in mind will guarantee you top spots in the search engine rankings for years to come. Search engines are always improving, coming up with technology that will filter out any deceptive techniques. If you follow along with this model it’s a sure bet for legitimacy in the eyes of your users and a safe place in the search engine algorithms.

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