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“By providing valuable textual content, a site can not only increase its search engine visibility, but also improve the site’s conversion rate.” –

Everyone wants Web traffic, right?

But all the traffic in the world won’t do you much good without online conversions. Unfortunately, some SEO companies deliver on their promise to increase website traffic via a variety of black-hat techniques (i.e., keyword spam, doorway pages, nonsense or transparent text, etc.), many of which can actually decrease a website’s conversion rate by alienating the search engines and its visitors.

Instead of risking a decrease in conversions or having your domain de-listed by the search engines, opt for the SEO specialists at Corporate Marketing Team, we use optimization strategies designed to both increase traffic and improve conversion rates. For instance, unique, optimized marketing content is one of the most effective ways to deliver more traffic to your site while simultaneously increasing conversions. This works because truly valuable marketing content – carefully crafted, keyword-rich articles that provide the reader with useful insights and information – are designed with both the search engine and the end user in mind. You see, not only will this kind of keyword-dense content appeal to the search engines, but it will make a lasting impression on the reader, especially one who is looking for a reliable resource of information as well as a product or potential service provider.

Convert Your Website Visitors to Customers with Help from Corporate Marketing Team

Corporate Marketing Team specializes in helping businesses increase website traffic through quality search-targeted website marketing content. Find out how informative marketing content can increase website traffic to your site with a free competitive site analysis, just fill out our Sales Inquiry form.