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There’s no question about it; website content development will lead to online success. With the recent surge in search engine marketing, businesses around the world are catching on to the importance of quality relevant written marketing content. Getting web traffic from search engine rankings is now a $100 billion dollar industry!

Most businesses are still spending marketing dollars on paid search, also known as pay-per-click or PPC. In fact, the Pay-Per-Click industry is projected to reach $20 billion! While businesses continue to spend their marketing budgets on a per-click basis, others have become savvy to the long-term value of written marketing content.

Increase Website Traffic with Written Marketing Content

Website content development is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Search engines rank sites according to relevancy, and relevancy is measured, in large part, on the quantity and quality of content on their website. Corporate Marketing Team has helped hundreds of businesses, both local and national, boost their search engine rankings and website traffic through professional, creative written marketing content. Choosing the right search-targeted online text will increase conversion rates and bring more qualified visitors to your site. Quality content turns casual visitors into customers by creating trust.

While Pay-Per-Click marketing strategies deliver quantifiable results, the costs are infinite. Your listings will continue to appear as long as you continue to pay the per-click fee, which analysts estimate will increase an average of 75 cents between now and 2015. On the other hand, the unique, customized written marketing content solution will help bring a steady flow of web traffic to your website as long as the content remains on your website. While the results of this effort are not as immediate as a PPC strategy, the one-time cost and continual benefits have piqued the interest of both marketers and business owners. If you’re tired of paying monthly for lead generation and website traffic, professional written marketing content from Corporate Marketing Team provides the optimal solution. Call us today at 888-811-4270 ext. 101.